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English Department


The primary focus of our work is for all students to become members of a learning community that promotes respectful discourse and challenges them to develop higher level reading and communication skills through a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. The core curriculum, for English 1, 2, 3, and 4, supports students in developing their communication skills and can be accessed through the Reading and Writing links at the bottom of the page. Student support courses include English Language Development (ELD), and Reading Support. Elective classes include Speech, Film Literature, Peer Resource, Broadcast Journalism, and Yearbook.

The Sierra High School English Department includes 12 credentialed English teachers:

  • Nicole Cramer
  • Daniel Dolieslager
  • Kiana Dunn
  • Jeff Greene
  • Irwin Ibarrientos
  • Mercedes Jenkins
  • Chris Johnson
  • Marlene Martin
  • Amy Rosendin
  • Adam Russell
  • Janet Sanders
  • Elizabeth Tjomsland
  • Christina Young


The be.connected English courses are A-G approved alternatives to traditional English 2, 3, and 4.  English and Digital Media Arts (English 2 alternative), Communication by Design (English 3 alternative), and Connected English (English 4 alternative) are college approved English courses that are designed for students who are interested in digital and visual storytelling.  These courses integrate digital media arts with traditional English skills.  Students who are interested in digital arts, film, media, marketing, public relations, and business in general, would excel greatly in these courses.  For more information, please see Mr. Burns or Mr. Schmitz for more information.

Plagiarism & Cheating

The English Department faculty expects that all students will exhibit honesty. Plagiarism/cheating includes:

  • Copying another's work to present as one's own.
  • Looking at another student's test.
  • Giving another student a paper or test answer to copy.
  • Gaining advantage on a test, quiz, or assignment by dishonest means.

Cheating on an assignment will result in an F on that assignment and may result in a U in citizenship for the semester.

For more detailed information, please refer to the following document:

Sierra High School Cheating Policy

English Honor Cords (Light Blue) Requirements:

  • 6 semesters of "A" work* without a "U"
  • 2 senior English teacher recommendations

(outstanding/satisfactory citizenship required all 4 years)

*includes portfolio writing score of "4" each year from sophomore through senior year; no grade lower than a "B" in an Honors or AP course.

Ap/Honors Reading

A-G Reading

A-G Writing