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English Electives

Broadcast Journalism

Grades 10-12

Prerequisite: Student must fill out an application, have two positive recommendations, and instructor approval.

In this course students will learn the ABC’s of the business. Learning to write a script, storyboarding, interviews, and documentaries will be a major component of the class. After passing the vocabulary, equipment, and safety test, students will spend time learning the production component of Broadcast Journalism including televised media and podcasting. Students will participate in both pre-and post-production activities. In addition to journalistic techniques and media forms, students will learn to produce high quality, professional broadcasts made available to the school and community.

Broadcast Journalism II 1495 Term 10 11-12

Grades 10-12

Prerequisite: Broadcast Journalism 1 with a B or better

Students will learn more advanced theories of journalism as well as
journalistic writing for broadcast media. Advanced scriptwriting, advanced storyboarding, the history of broadcast journalism and future developments for the profession will also be taught. Public service announcements, live interviews, pre-recorded and live broadcasting, and the documentary form are a major component of the class. Students will participate in both pre-and post-production activities. In addition to learning to produce high quality, professional broadcast, students will focus on the history of the profession, types of journalistic writing used in the profession, and ethics of the profession. This class may be repeated for credit.

Film Composition & Literature

Grades 11-12

This college preparatory elective allows students the opportunity to learn about the genres, structures, and visual elements of films. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of films and will acquire the skills needed to analyze each film’s multisensory elements. Students will master many of the California State Standards for English and the Performing Arts.

Peer Resource

Grades 10-12

Prerequisites: Selection is based on student application, oral interview, attendance, and academic screening by vice principals,
counselors, staff, and instructor approval.

This course is designed to teach students basic helping skills. These skills are used throughout the school year in a peer facilitator program. The program provides conflict management services and/or one-on-one counseling for students who have attitude, academic, preparedness, and/or attendance issues. Students and parents sign a contract agreeing to meet the expectations of the school site and of the California Association of Peer Programs. This class may be repeated for credit.


Open to all grades

This course offers students an opportunity to develop advanced public speaking skills. The student will gain effectiveness in various speaking situations and will learn to be poised and articulate when speaking before an audience. Selective readings and written assignments will be given to prepare students to give persuasive and informative speeches, oral interpretation, debate, and parliamentary procedure.