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Physical Education

Physical Education Department

JROTC/P.E. (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps)

Junior ROTC is a course given during regular school hours but includes many out-of-classroom activities. It helps students develop a combination of skills, knowledge, and inner strengths. It teaches leadership skills, physical confidence, and teamwork. It helps students develop personal pride by teaching study skills, test taking, and interviewing for jobs. It covers the basics in history, government, technology awareness and current events. JROTC offers co-curricular activities such as drill team, color guard, and JROTC summer camps.


Offered to grades 10-12. This is a fitness-for-life course with students being required to participate daily in Aerobic movement exercise. 

Athletic Physical Education

Offered to grades 11-12. Course is designed for student athletes who desire to take a P.E. course beyond the regular school day and approved by the site principal.

Body Conditioning

Offered to grades 10-12. This class is designed for those students and athletes with interest in body building, strength gain, toning, jogging, and rope jumping. 

Body Tone

Offered to grades 10-12. This class is designed for those students who are interested in circuit training, aerobic conditioning, and weight training. 

Core Physical Education

Offered to grade 9. Students will demonstrate knowledge and skill in each activity and must take a physical performance test at the end of each unit. Students will be required to complete the California State Physical Fitness Test.

Team Sports

Offered to grades 10-12. This course may include, but not limited to, units in team sports such as flag football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, softball, ultimate frisbee, weight training, archery, physical fitness, golf, track & field, team handball, pickle ball, swimming, and aerobics. 

Physical Education Honor Cords (Teal) Requirements:

  • 7 semesters of "A" work* without a "U"
  • 2 Physical Education teacher recommendations

*must pass fitness test in senior year or participate in Fittest on Campus and participate in a minimum of 2 seasons of athletics (including one varsity season)