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Science Department

  • The Living Earth

    Offered to grades 9-12. Students will be introduced to natural phenomena relating to ecosystem interactions and energy. Course also includes an engineering component. Students encouraged to use analytical and strategic thinking to define the problem and develop solutions. 

  • Computer Science

    Offered to grades 9-12. Computer science is composed of a variety of topics related to comupter programming and physical computing/robotics.

  • Zoology

    Offered to grades 9-12. The study of scientific life, builds on centuries of human inquiry into the animal world. 

  • Astronomy

    Offered to grades 11-12. This course is composed of topics in astronomy including the earth, moon and sun, the solar system, stars, constellations, the galaxy, the universe, cosmology, astronomical history, telescope building, light pollution, astrophotography, and space technologies. 

  • Chemistry

    Offered to grades 9-12. This is a traditional chemistry course for college bound students.

  • AP Chemistry

    Offered to grades 10-12. All topics typically taught in a university freshman level chemistry course will be covered.

  • Physiology

    Offered to grades 11-12. Human physiology is a laboratory science designed specifically to acquaint mature students with the chemical and physical processes that animate and control their bodies. 

  • Physics

    Offered to grades 11-12. Physics is the cornerstone of modern science. It seeks to discover the fundamental relationships that govern the behavior of our universe. 

  • AP Physics I: Algebra based

    Offered to grades 11-12. AP Physics I is an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics course. 

  • Biology

    Offered to grades 9-12. This is a traditional laboratory science biology course for college bound students. This course is aimed at increasing the student's knowledge of living things and their environment.

  • AP Biology

    Offered to grades 10-12. This is a college level biology course that will focus on developing an understanding of concepts rather than on memorizing terms and technical details. 

  • Earth Science

    Offered to grades 9-12. This course engages students in the study of the earth and the earth's place in the universe by focusing on important concepts. 

Science Honor Cords (Orange) Requirements:

  • 6 semesters of "A" work* without a "U"
  • 2 Science teacher recommendations

*"A" work is a 4.0 GPA and must include Biology, Chemistry & 1 Advanced Course.