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The concept of a Hall of Fame to honor graduates of Sierra High School was first envisioned in the early 2000’s.    The SHS Leadership program established the Sierra High School Hall of Fame/Alumni Committee in 2012.  The student committee of Mike Leland, Riley Cardoza, and Trevor Nunes, working with Vice-Principal Greg Leland and Athletic/Activity Director Anthony Chapman, revisited the idea of a Sierra High School Hall of Fame.  The Leadership Committee provided a perfect vehicle for the development of the concept of an all-inclusive Hall of Fame. The first class of Hall of Famers was inducted on Sunday, May 20, 2012. 

The SHS Hall of Fame is unique in that it honors graduates and staff who have made contributions to Sierra High School and their communities in a wide spectrum of areas.  The Hall of Fame inductees may be outstanding scholars, leaders, educators, entertainers, athletic teams, and/or athletes.  They may have achieved great success in their chosen careers and/or made contributions to their communities.  They may be alumni, staff members, coaches, parents, or members of the community, who have gone above and beyond in their dedication to Sierra High School and its students. 

Nomination Criteria

Hall of Fame Nomination Form All candidates will be judged on their significant and/or long-term contributions to Sierra High School, their chosen career, and/or notable contributions to their communities, or for any other field of endeavor. The Hall of Fame will honor individuals of noteworthy achievement. While many may have served their local programs over a long and distinguished career, their accomplishments must be worthy of recognition for them to be considered. Longevity, without meaningful impact, does not constitute appropriate credentials for Hall of Fame consideration. Considerations include:

• People who have made distinguished achievements across their chosen field, including education, business, labor, science, sports, arts, philanthropic, and public service.
• Minimum qualifications of nominees should be candidates who have transcended the boundaries of their chosen field to make lasting contributions to the state, nation, and world. Their extraordinary vision motivates and       inspires other people to further their own dreams or endeavors. • People who have a profound scope of accomplishments that have influenced and improved the lives of others by their personal achievements.
• Nominees who have inspired others
• Nominees who provide a positive role model
• Nominees who have demonstrated significant achievements, which have benefitted others in the school, community and beyond.
• Nominees who are leaders in their chosen profession
• Nominees who have demonstrated unique talents in their chosen endeavors and have distinguished themselves above the norm
• Nominees who have impacted the school/community in a positive way

Additional nomination criteria include:
1. The nominee must be a graduate of Sierra H.S. or has worked at Sierra H.S. as an administrator, certificated, or classified employee, or has contributed significantly to the benefit of S.H.S.
2. The nominee must have graduated.
3. The nominee must have made noteworthy achievements and/or contributions to Sierra High School and/or his or her chosen field or to humanitarian causes
4. Athletic teams/coaches may also be nominated, for their successful seasons.

Application Instructions

Letters of recommendation from the nominator, and the nominee’s related high school and career information must be accompanied by a completed nomination form. In cases where other support material is difficult to obtain, additional letters may be in order to substantiate the individual’s accomplishments or contributions. Letters of recommendation for other awards or honors should not be used as a substitute for this requirement.
Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, copies of scorebooks and statistics may also be submitted in order to help substantiate the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee. These materials should focus on high school accomplishments and/or contributions made after high school. Please list items in chronological order. Once the Sierra High School Hall of Fame Committee receives the nomination form, all action necessary to the selection process shall remain confidential. All information submitted shall be retained by the Sierra High School Hall of Fame Committee. All candidates will be judged on their significant and/or long-term contributions to Sierra High School, their chosen career and/or notable contributions to their communities, or for any other field of endeavor.

Completed application should include/observe the following:
1) A portrait-type photograph
2) All copies should be on 8½” x 11” paper
3) Do not use highlighters to point out specific facts; either underline or draw arrows
4) Please type all material so that copy is legible

Hall of Fame Bios