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Lobo Gold

Program Overview

Students earn positive recognition for academic achievements and good behavior through our Lobo Gold Program.  There are two academic rallies each year in the Fall and Spring to recognize student achievement.  Students decorate the stadium to promote school spirit and a sense of pride, and the rally features student and staff talent, as well as raffle prizes.  You can help! Say yes to good students by recognizing:

  • High grades
  • Perfect attendance
  • Positive behaviors


Requirements & Rewards

In addition to scholar/athletes and students with perfect attendance, the program honors three categories with prizes and privileges: LOBO GOLD:  4.0+ GPA and NO unsatisfactory citizenships LOBO SILVER:  3.25+ GPA and NO F's or unsatisfactory citizenships LOBO BLUE:  2.25+ GPA and NO F's or unsatisfactory citizenships Gold and Silver card holders can waive one final exam (with the teacher's permission, and an "A" in the class).  Qualifying students may receive gift cards, certificates, and other prizes donated by Sierra staff, students' families, sponsors, community members, and local businesses.



How to Calculate Your GPA:

  1. Use the current semester final grades. 
  3. column Points:  A = 4     B = 3     C = 2     D =1     F = 0     I/NM = 0
  4. Add ATTEMPTED CREDITS and TOTAL columns separately. 
  5. Divide TOTAL by number of ATTEMPTED CREDITS = GPA
Course Final Grade Attempted Credits Grade Points Total
PE A 5.0 4 20
English B 5.0 3 15
Science A 5.0 4 20
Ceramics C 5.0 2 10
Total 20 65
Attempted credits = 20                        Total = 65                       65 divided by 20 = 3.25 GPA

Marlene Martin
209 858-7410 x. 59528 

Julia Cannon